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First Piece of Border Wall Is in Place… Here’s the Best Part…

At long last, the Border Wall is under construction. The first piece of the puzzle has just been completed in Naco, Arizona and it is an 18ft high seven and a half mile welded steel wall. You may have heard that the Senate has been blocking funding, which they have, but this beautiful piece of wall was paid for by the 2016 budget that was pushed through by none other than former President, Barack Obama.

The irony is of course wonderful. When Democrats complain and criticize the idea of a wall between the US and Mexico, they conveniently forget that they voted for one only a short time ago. So what is the problem? Is it the Wall that is a problem or the person delivering it?

This is the most clear example of partisan politics showing the rank hypocrisy of those in power. They will happily agree to protecting the US when it under their watch, but will gladly let that safety disappear if it is someone else doling it out.

Under Donald Trump, the rate of illegal border crossings has already dropped by over 60%, and April was the first month in seven years that the number of people coming in over the water (picked up by coast guards) from Cuba  was ZERO!

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump’s promise to “build the wall” became one of the key phrases of his candidacy. Now it’s finally happening, but Americans can use another popular phrase to explain why:

“Thanks, Obama.”

A new 7-and-a-half mile long welded steel wall has been completed along the Mexican border in Naco, Arizona. While it’s only one piece of the extensive southern border, the construction was funded by a budget approved by none other than President Barack Obama.

Trump is “using the current bill to get his priorities moving and put it down,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said at a news briefing in early May, according to a White House transcript. “To answer the question: It is currently being built in Naco, Arizona; Sunland Park, New Mexico; and we are going to be starting to do this in San Diego; El Paso; and Rio Grande Valley.”

The project was paid for by last year’s fiscal budget, which was given the thumbs up by Obama. It seems that the former president is fine with securing small areas of the border, but attacks anyone who wants to secure the entire country.



At 18 feet high, the new wall is meant to stop pedestrians from crossing into the United States unimpeded. It is replacing an older and far less effective fence, which was reportedly built from chain link and pieces of a military landing platform.

Border walls have come under heavy criticism by liberals, but security experts say that they work. Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is on record as saying that a wall is “the most effective way to keep people out, to stop drugs, to stop cartels, to stop human trafficking, and to prevent illegal immigration,” according to HeatStreet.

Despite the Democrats’ attempts to block Trump at every turn, the president is using a budget signed by his Democrat predecessor against them.

Voters made their stance on border security clear during the November election, and it looks like the White House is going to drive that message home.

H/T: Conservative Tribune



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