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FBI Raided Wasserman-Schultz’s House After She’s Tied To Dead Body On Beach – Make Unbelievable Find

 If there was any doubt that the Democrats are trying to bury secrets, then look no further. In the video below, Debbie Wasserman Schultz can be seen threatening the DC police Chief to return her laptop which was being reviewed as part of an investigation…And now, her IT guy, Imran Awan, has smashed up all of his hard drives!

First Hillary bleaching all her data, then Wiener having access to restricted information, then Schultz, and now the IT engineer…Everyone is trying to destroy their hard drives. They would only be doing this if there was something they wanted to hide; is there any other reason at all they would go to such lengths?

The Awan family are under investigation for numerous frauds and had full access to many of the House Democrat’s computers, but the investigation seems to be leading nowhere. Are they being protected because these young brothers to who the Democrats have already paid over $4 million got something dirty on top DNC leaders?

Why are law enforcement not seizing all computers now? Who will be the inevitable next to start destroying the truth?

The weakest links of the Democrat Party are simple: Hillary Clinton and all her friends. Well, leave it to former DNC Chairwoman and election-cheater Debbie Wasserman Schultz (DWS) to do something terrible AGAIN.

This time the FBI is investigating Wasserman Schultz’s Pakistani IT guy, Imran Awan, and his whole family on charges of financial fraud schemes with Pakistan and “illegal IT violations”. So what did they find when they showed up to his house?

Imran Awan had smashed all of his hard drives.

Oh yeah, well that doesn’t sound criminal at all. First, there is that video of DWS threatening the DC Police Chief to give her a laptop back or else she would leverage her position and now this?

Tell me, why is the media not reporting this? The Wasserman Schultz scandal is the BIGGEST scandal in Washington right now and it give a pretty good hint to how the “hackers” got the information from the DNC. Hmmmmmmmm……..

Oh, and let’s not forget that the Democrat Party frequently hired out Awan and his family, having paid them $4 million since 2009. That seems like a lot for a bunch of absentee techies who live in Pakistan.

If the Mainstream Media is gonna ignore this horrifying breach of power and public trust, we need to get the word out. Help get this shared all over the place and let the world see the CRIMINALS the Democrats really are.

H/T: Liberty Writers




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