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DEMOCRATS PANIC: Michael Bloomberg Just Gave Trump The BEST News For 2020 Election

Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, has given his prediction for the 2020 Election, and it’s not good news for the Democrats. He said in a NY Times interview that due to all the infighting that happens with the Democrats, hey will “step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump”. He predicts it is a 55% likelihood.

Bloomberg is thought to be the 8th richest person in the world and is clearly a smart guy (regardless of what you think of his politics), and we can be sure that he is no major fan of Donald Trump nor his policies. So other than just stating an opinion to a question asked, could there be another reason for him bashing the Democrats?

His statement suggests that the Dems are still infighting and refusing to accept that they lost because they hoisted a bad candidate on the public. Could he be positioning himself as the next Democrat contender? Infighting happens because there is no real leader among a group, it is possible that Bloomberg is implying that he could be the person that unites the Democrats into an electoral force.

We all know that the Dems are looking for a challenger in 2020, and because they are basically just “weathervanes” they have surreptitiously floated a few names trough the friendly MSM…and each name has come straight back down with a bang. Bloomberg has his own war chest of an estimated $49 Billion, he could be a real contender.

Michael Bloomberg may be a gun-hating, soda-regulating liberal, but it seems like the ultra-billionaire may have a bit of sense to him left. Today he did an interview with the NY Times where he SHOCKED the reporter when Bloomberg told him his prediction for the 2020 elections.

Bloomberg said there is a 55% chance Trump WILL be re-elected in 2020.

Michael Bloomberg told the reporter that he believes that infighting in the Democrats will doom the party in upcoming elections, an issue he does NOT see them resolving in time.

“They’ll step on each other and re-elect Donald Trump. There is a 55 percent chance he gets re-elected.”

Of course, Bloomberg’s interview went beyond Trump. Apparently, he is just as sick of Hillary Clinton as the rest of us.

He said the REAL reason Clinton failed and will always fail is that her strategy is essentially ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman and the other guy’s bad.’

Well, Bloomberg may be a failed politician, but he still is a pretty smart guy. He basically runs the New York Stock Exchange. So, if he says Trump is a shoo-in for the next election, that’s a reason to celebrate.

They always say the best way to make a prediction come true is to spread it, so let’s share this everywhere and make sure Trump really does win a second term.

H/T: Liberty Writers



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