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Whether or not you supported Barack Obama’s 8 years as President, he was, if nothing else “value driven”. But what of these values? Are they the same as yours? Or were they just displays of arrogance masked as strength?

A new video has come out on the internet that casts light on these questions. It has already been taken down by many sites, so it’s probably worth a look before it’s gone. The video claims to expose the real Barack Obama.

Of course, now that he is out of office, many may say that his power is over and that we can safely ignore I’m for the rest of our days, but this is not the case. With the newly launched Obama Foundation that aims to deal almost exclusively with “migrant issues”, his well-funded Foundation will likely be trying to push even more laws and legislation to protect illegal migrants at the expense of legal ones.

And the Obama Foundation (much like the Clinton Foundation was) will likely be a clearing house for pushing funds to Democrat candidates that they are not entitled to. The huge amount of money that has either disappeared or been “miscalculated” over the last 8 years has not lined corrupt politician’s pockets as we may have assumed, it has gone to form the largest war chest in history, and it’s aim is to bring about a political and social future that not a single person in the US has a vote on.


Barack Obama had eight looooong years to prove just how ineffective and incompetent he was as president.

And now that he’s out of the White House, we are finding out just how corrupt and deceitful he was, too.

But that laundry list of defects could apply to any number of politicians.

What really sets Obama apart is his past and the values that were instilled in him. Values that continued to drive and influence his decisions throughout his presidency.

The following video TOTALLY EXPOSES the real Barack Obama.

It’s no wonder he’s tried several times to get it removed from the Internet.

H/T Conservative Fighters



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