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Cops Just Raided Olive Garden Where Obama’s Muslim Refugees Were And Made DISTURBING Find Inside

The mass immigration of migrants and refugees is arguably the largest issue in America today. Tere is not a single area of policy that it does not effect. From housing and school places to the economy and defence, a large increase of people is going to have massive implications. And this is all the more true of people who refuse to integrate into society.

Minnesota has a huge population of immigrant Somalis. Many arrive directly, whilst others leave their original resettlement locations in an effort to access the generous Minnesotan Welfare and benefits system. Whatever their route of arrival, they are not becoming part of the community but creating their own community that exists separately to the rest of the population…But sometimes, these worlds collide.

At the Rochester OliveGarden Restaurant, during the lunch hour, the parking lot became a war zone (some might suggest reminiscent of Mogadishu), with shots being fired and people being chased with guns. This is not what the previously sleepy Rochester signed up for when they began accepting Somali migrants. But this is what they’ve got. Two of the three men involved have been arrested and are both Somali migrants, the third is also believed to be Somali, but is likely hiding out with other Somalis.

If the US won’t insist on migrants and refugees becoming part of the America society, then we shouldn’t be taking people in. They fled a war zone like country because the behaviour of running around and shooting at people in broad daylight was considered too dangerous…And they have imported this “cultute”. The only way for them and us to coexist id for them to become us. To engage fully in the Americamn Dream and instill American values in their children. Otherwise, in the future, we’ll all be refugees heading somewher else to escape the devestation.

The Olive Garden is arguably one of America’s most beloved restaurant chains for their delicious dishes and comfortable family environment. However, when Barack Obama’s Muslim refugees take over one of these eateries, it becomes the last place you ever want to be caught dining, and probably make you hate pasta for the rest of your life. This is especially the case at one popular location that became customers’ worst nightmare after cops raided it and made a disturbing find inside.

One U.S. town has been systematically destroyed with a constant influx of Muslim refugees who can’t and won’t assimilate. Instead, they take over, which is what has happened here. Although President Donald Trump’s immigration order has dramatically slowed the flow of Muslim migrants, there are already droves of them here, and many are moving to Minnesota to be with like-minded Muslims and family and ultimately form their own powerful population within our culture to fuel and perpetuate hate of Americans.

Much of Minnesota has been hit hard with Somali refugees in particular, who hail from one of the most violent places in the world. They bring those behaviors with them to the United States which is why they shouldn’t have a place here. Unfortunately, the town of Rochester, MN knows this all too well as their influx of refugees is directly related to a massive increase in violent crime. This part of the country sees daily gunfire like Chicago, but almost entirely brought on by Somali refugees.

“Minnesota was chosen as a designated site for settling Muslims,” Pamela Geller reported.  “Minnesotans are a people who are – sadly – easy to manipulate through guilt and push around through power.” Of the least likely places for “cultural diversity” was in the Olive Garden eatery in Rochester which unfortunately is now a case study for why we need Trump’s immigration order and the tightest vetting practices possible.

KAALTV reports:

“Police said they started getting multiple 911 calls around 12:53 p.m. about an incident in a parking lot between Olive Garden and Minnwest Bank.”

“Multiple witnesses described two suspects running towards another man while allegedly firing shots. Witnesses told police the group then scattered.  Police say the two suspects who were firing shots were taken into custody at the 1500 block of 2nd St. NW but, the person being shot at has yet to be found.”

“One of the suspects has been identified as Abdi Abukar from Rochester. The other was identified as Idris Haji-Mohamed, also from Rochester.”

Abukar is known to police in the area since this wasn’t the migrant’s first run-in with the law. He’s reportedly a felon and being from a war zone in his home country, it should come as no surprise that he turned an Olive Garden parking lot into one. This was certainly an appetite-ruining experience for those dining inside who didn’t know they were going to get a cultural experience like this with their carbonara.

Although there were three Muslim men who participated in the brutal lunch hour exchange of gunfire, one two have been caught and charged. The third got away with it and is likely being harbored by fellow refugees until the urge to kill strikes again — which is only a matter of time.

It’s not racist or “islamophobic” to stop violence felons from entering our country and taking over our communities when examples like this come up so frequently. How many more American towns have to surrender to the Islamic invasion, to the benefit of the refugees and detriment of the residents, before people wake up to the realization that this isn’t helping anyone — only hurting.

Minnesota is so politically correct that they prioritize refugees over their own citizens. The state’s Governor, Mark Dayton, is probably one of the biggest Islamic sympathizers in the nation next to Barack Obama. He even went as far as to tell his citizens that if they don’t like or want the refugees coming to Minnesota, they can leave. People should take Dayton up on the offer and leave him with a refugee-riddled state and no workers to keep paying the bill for them.

It’s time to start fixing the crime rate across the country rather than adding to it with bringing in refugees and paying for it in more way than one. Incidents like this debunk the liberal myth that Muslim refugees want to seek a better life and improve here in America when all they do is bring their ways with them and try to take over our culture instead of assimilating.

H/T: Freedom Daily



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