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Congress Is EXEMPT From Obamacare, Mike Pence Won’t Stand for It!

VP Mike Pence is not only a good Christian and a Patriot, he’s also a good man who thinks of others. When the Obamacare Repeal fell through, he took it personally, not just because he wants a better deal on the table, but because of the rank hypocrisy of elected officials in government.

“Why should Members of Congress and their staffs have a better deal, not subject to the same rules as everybody else is?” And he’s right! Why should everyone except Congress and their staffers have to put up with Obamacare? They are looking down from on high and refuse to accept the laws and regulations that they hand down to good working folk.

In a stirring interview (that you can see below), Mike Pence makes it very clear that the decision to rescind Congress’ exemption is up to the President.  Donald Trump needs to put Congress back in their place: the same place we should all be living…One level and one rule for all.

Vice President Mike Pence is fed-up with Obamacare — and he’s threatening to take away Congress’ special healthcare, giving them all a taste of how destructive the “Affordable Care Act” really is.

On Wednesday, in an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Pence was asked specifically about how Congress is exempt from the Obamacare.

Carlson asked, “Why should Members of Congress and their staffs have a better deal, not subject to the same rules as everybody else is?”

The Vice President responded with this:

“That’s pretty typical of Washington, isn’t it? You, more often than not, see one set of rules for the American people and another set of rules for the political class here in our nation’s capital. but as we move forward, the point is that whether the president makes a decision, it would be his decision whether to rescind that special treatment for members of Congress and their staffs.

He went on to say, “What we want is a health care system that works for all of the American people.” Pence explained that one element of health care reform should be cheaper coverage. “I think the primary goal first is to give people freedom over their own health care choices again,” said Pence.

Pence said that the Trump administration intends to keep its promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Watch the interview here:

H/T: The Truth Division



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