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College DEMANDS Students Remove Christmas Decorations, You HAVE To See Their Response

Liberals love to try and push around Christians because we don’t snap. We don’t kill people that mock Jesus. That’s why they’ll never make fun of Islam: they don’t want to DIE.

So when the University of Tennessee decided to squash Christmas, their Christian students decided to take a stand…

From Conservative Tribune:

According to the University of Tennessee’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (yes, that’s a thing), college is a place to learn extreme political correctness and be systematically stripped of your values and culture.

ABC News reported that UTODI has been cracking down on Christmas. Their new guidelines advise people to keep all parties strictly secular, with no decorations, Santa or Jesus to “ensure your holiday party is not a Christmas party in disguise.”

The guidelines include non-denominational holiday cards, strictly secular games (no dreidel) and non-religious refreshment (which precludes what, exactly?).

But the boys at Beta Upsilon Chi weren’t having it, according to WKRN News. The 6-foot-tall banner depicting a Christmas tree topped by a star and draped over the side of their fraternity house read, “Come and Take It.” As in, “I dare you.”

The students were defending the banner to prove they mean business in protecting Christmas. Honestly, of all the things I might mess with, a group of military-age guys from Tennessee isn’t among them.



It’s time for Christians to FIGHT BACK! Take back our country by defying liberals and their anti-American agendas.

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