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CNN Reporter Tries to Embarrass Mike Pence in Korea, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

At some point in the last 10 years, the media seems to have positioned themselves as the “moral arbiters” of the nation. Nobody asked them to be this, we don’t all agree with their opinions, and many of us actually think them corrupt, lazy and agenda driven. By what right do they appoint themselves the “guardians”?

“Hack reporter” Dana Bash felt she had a right to speak to Vice President Mike Pence like he was a child, berating him and asking inane questions whilst expecting an answer. Pence showed why he was the best pick for VP by nor=t engaging with her. As you can see in the video below, when confronted by her shrill rudeness, he starred at her until she sheepishly pulled the microphone out of his face.

When the MSM treat people like Mike Pence and Donald Trump with disdain, they are treating those that made the decision to vote for them with disdain. They are disrespecting people who used their democratic right to vote for them. But they know this, and they don’t care. They are playing it up for their audience of obsessed leftists who believe everything they say. Perhaps when they learn to speak in a civilized manner, they can expect an answer from Mike Pence. Until then, well done Mike!


Vice President Mike Pence has had one hell of a week. On Monday, He went to the North Korean border and faced down the enemy. He was told to stay inside, but he insisted on walking up to the border and staring down the North Korean solders face-to-face. He showed that he WILL NOT back down!

NOW WATCH WHAT HE DID TO CNN! Dana Bash, a hack CNN ‘reporter,’ caught up with Mike Pence in South Korea and asked an AWFUL question that was meant to embarrass him in front of the enemy. She talked to him like a child, asking if he and President Trump understand that “this is real.”

After she stuck the mic in Mike Pence’s face, he just glared at her in anger. He didn’t even give her the satisfaction of answering her disrespectful question. She nervously brought the mic back to herself and moved on.WATCH this epic clip then SHARE on Facebook if you stand with Mike Pence against CNN and the rest of the LYING Media!



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