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Civil War About To Erupt In Florida After What Muslims’ Massive Sign Says That Popped Up Overnight

A controversial billboard has been put up in Florida that looks a lot like a Trump Campaign board but is actually a CAIR sponsored billboard to get people asking questions about Islam in America. Some people are looking at it as a joke, others think it is a natural way for people to understand about a different religion, but some folks are furious that an ideology that is so incompatible with the American Constitution is using ways to recruit new converts.

Let’s be very clear, one of America’s greatest strengths is that we have Freedom of Speech. But Islam does not have freedom of speech. CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) has bee trying to have the criticism of Islam made a Hate Crime; this is not Freedom of Speech.

Here are some of the other reasons why Islam is incompatible with the US Constitution:

  1. Islam demands that all Muslims live under Shariah Law. In Shariah, a woman’s testimony is only worth half that of a mans. This is not equality.
  2. In Islam, if a girl is “promised” by her father to a man, she must marry and obey (look up how many “honour killings” there are for girls that refuse.
  3. In Islam, the words of Mohammed in the Koran are unchangeable, they cannot be questioned (unlike the Hadiths), so Muslims must follow the words of the Koran…This means no Reformation.
  4. In Islam, homosexuality is a sin and should be punished by death.

Do these sound like American values? Do they sound like a good addition to the Constitution?

Everyone has the right to talk about whatever they want, but don’t expect oppressive practices to go unchallenged. Nazis are allowed to believe whatever they want, it doesn’t mean we have to respect them, and the same goes for groups like CAIR who are unwilling to allow reform of Islam.

Muslims in America are becoming bolder than they ever have before as the threat of losing their “religious rights” and ultimately control is imminent under new leadership. They were praised and protected for eight years under our former president and now their plan for complete domination over this country is slipping away. Fed-up with being feared after every terrorist attack, Muslims in Florida just struck back at concerned citizens and President Donald Trump with a massive message along a busy freeway that cannot be ignored. Now, it’s only a matter of time before civil war erupts in the streets there based on what the sign says.

President Trump is a Muslim’s worst nightmare since he doesn’t make apologies for what needs to be done to protect Americans, no matter who it offends. With the constant chatter of concern for “Islamophobia” after any Islamic terrorist attack, Muslims in Tampa, Florida wanted to teach people a lesson and disrespectfully used Trump to do it as a backhanded way of getting their misguided message out.

In what seems like a joke, since the city apparently approved this huge billboard despite the anti-patriotic point it makes, motorists in Tampa were shocked to see that the Muslims who made this billboard are very serious about their message. At first glance, the sign looks like it’s pro-Trump since it closely resembles his campaign slogan and signage “Make America Great Again.” However, the Islamist hijacked it to send a message about their religion to everyone in Florida.

Downtrend reports:

“For ‘love, compassion and mercy’ call 1877WHYISLAM or drop by their website at WHYISLAM.ORG.”

“One of the sponsors for the billboard is the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR which has come under criticism in the past for what some say are views sympathetic to radical Islamic terrorism.”

It’s no surprise that the terrorist-tied Muslim group, CAIR, put up this propaganda as it seems to be their mission to make America Islamic and usher in Sharia law, rather than “great again.”

There’s a new billboard up along I-275 in Tampa that may appear to be a campaign sign for Donald Trump.

“When you drive by really quick it looks like Making America Great… a Donald Trump sign,” said local business owner Paul Asimiadis, according to WTSP-10 in Tampa Bay. “But the billboard located along the east side of the interstate at the Sligh Avenue exit wasn’t purchased by the Trump campaign or the Republican Party, but instead The Islamic Community of Tampa.”

Aida Mackic of the Council on American-Islamic Relations defended the sign and the message along with the reason they made it look like a MAGA sign.Making America great doesn’t mean we all have to be the same. No, it’s the diversity that makes us so great,” she said. Mackic insists that the intention of the sign is not to get people to convert to Islam, rather, to be a beacon of information for those wanting to understand the so-called “religion of peace.”

Whether it’s to convert or not, one thing is clear, which is that CAIR and countless Muslims in America want to make people believe their rhetoric and accept it, so they can carry on with achieving domination.

-FL: style billboard aims to teach about Islam

“Making America great doesn’t mean we all have to be… 

Photo published for Trump style billboard aims to teach about Islam

Trump style billboard aims to teach about Islam

TAMPA, Florida— There’s a new billboard up along I-275 in Tampa that may appear to be a campaign sign for Donald Trump.

“The website at WHYISLAM.ORG appears to be less about educating Americans about Islam but converting them to it,” Downtrend reported. “The site even has a live chat function if prospects are really anxious to enlist and don’t want to wait for the literature to be mailed to them.”

This legitimately purchased billboard advertisement was meant to spark interest in the Muslim culture and religion of Islam and make it seem American and not actually hateful at all. As long as they are opened to people calling with questions, I have a few things I would like to know about the “religion of peace.” What will happen if I walk into a mosque with a homosexual friend, will be allowed in the doors or thrown off the top of the building? What if my young daughter doesn’t want to wear a burka or marry someone old enough to be her grandpa, will she be honor killed?

It’s a spit in the face to the American people and our president that this group thinks their billboard can make America great again with a religion that’s surrounded by so much negativity and violence. All we have to do is look at Europe and decide for ourselves if it’s great or not or if the reality is that it’s become worse than ever before under the pressure to flood these once historically beautiful and peaceful places with people who have made it like the Middle East, where they seeking refuge from.

H/T: Freedom Daily



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