Whilst there have always been rumours about the mental stability of Hillary Clinton: her shouting, violent twitching, inability to tell the truth, there has been one senior Democrat who has largely remained unscathed in the matters of possible mental illness. But the cracks are appearing, and many are left wondering if we are witnessing the final breakdown of Nancy Pelosi.

Her now extremely erratic behaviour has pushed many to suggest that she is either having a bad reaction to prescription medication, is an active drug user, or has just perhaps gone clean off the rails. As you can see from the video, she is unable to communicate clearly, repeats phrases and seems incredibly disjointed in her thought process.

This kind of behaviour is fine for a funny old uncle, or the strange guy who lives down the block, but Nancy Pelosi is a woman of power with a vast audience. Whilst many of us believe that a disability should not preclude anyone from any position in governing our nation, a mental disability should be cause for concern.

Only recently, speaking to millions of Americans, she let out that the Democrat party does not actually have a leader! And just yesterday, she confused President Trump with former President Bush! If she can’t keep the decades straight in her head, should she really be considered the guiding light of the Democrats?


Okay, we all know she’s a raving liberal, so it’s tough to tell if she’s legitimately crazy.

On top of which, she has a history of embarrassing herself in front of millions. Like recently, when she flat-out confessed the Democratic Party doesn’t have a leader.

It is indeed dark times for Pelosi and the Democrats but perhaps something else is amiss…

One has to wonder if something more is going on; there appears to be evidence to support the idea of a mental decline. Senility, Alzheimer’s, whatever. Repeating herself, not making points clear, failure to answer questions, etc.

Is she even fit to be in office? That’s the biggest question, perhaps.

H/T: Red White and Right

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