House Bill 330, has been passed by the North Carolina Congress and spearheaded by Rep. Justin Burr. The new law will protect motorists from civil liability if they happen to accidentally run down a protestor who is blocking the street. The Bill passed 67-48.

Burr was quick to point out that the Bill is not designed to protect people who purposely target protestors with their vehicle, but is designed to stop people being afraid of driving their cars around the cities of North Carolina. Obviously, the Democrats were against the bill:“We all know this is being done to try to make a point about protests,” said Democrat Greg Meyer. “It is just going to embarrass us. There is no good reason to pass this bill.”

But here’s the point…If the protestors are trying to make a point by blocking the traffic and actively pursuing people through the courts when they may have been only tapped by a car trying to pass, then the Bill will serve to deny them that option. How many “protestors” are looking at this as a way to be in the middle of the road, receive the most minimal damage, and then destroy someone’s life? If it is only one, then that is too many. We should not be aiding people in carrying out criminal enterprise.

And strangely, it is only ever one side that is protesting. How many Conservatives are blocking the path of innocent folk to get waht they want? Tis is an agenda driven protest right across the US…And they are being paid for through the Opens Society Foundation (George Soros), and the Organizing or Action group (paid through the Obama and Clinton Foundations). Don’t pity the protestors, they are betraying their country for the worst possible motives: $15 an hour plus gas money.

A bill that has passed North Carolina’s House of Representatives would shield motorists who unintentionally hit protesters blocking roads from civil liability, WFAE reported.

House Bill 330, introduced by Rep. Justin Burr, “provides that a person driving an automobile while exercising due care is immune for civil liability for any injury to another if the injured person was participating in a demonstration or protest and blocking traffic.”

It passed the House of Representatives by a 67-48 vote on Thursday, the Raleigh News & Observer reported.

“As we’ve seen, time and time again, as folks run out in the middle of the streets and the interstates in Charlotte and attempt to block traffic,” Burr said. The Republican said he wants to make sure “drivers don’t have to fear driving through Charlotte or anywhere in North Carolina.”

“This bill does not allow for the driver of a vehicle to target protesters intentionally,” he added. “It does protect individuals who are rightfully trying to drive down the road.”

Protests blocking roads and highways were common in Charlotte after the death of Keith Lamont Scott last year.

“These people are nuts to run in front of cars like they do … and say, ‘me and my buddy here are going to stop this two-and-a-half-ton vehicle,’” Rep. Michael Speciale, who supports the bill, said. “If somebody does bump somebody, why should they be held liable?”

Needless to say, Democrats pitched a fit.

“We all know this is being done to try to make a point about protests,” said Democrat Greg Meyer. “It is just going to embarrass us. There is no good reason to pass this bill.”

Yes, apparently, protesters blocking roads for no good reason aren’t going to embarrass the state of North Carolina, but a bill protecting motorists from lawsuits will.

The bill now heads to the Senate for approval. One hopes the upper chamber acts quickly and passes this bill.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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