President Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and his meeting with the Royal Family was an historic event. Not only was he treated with respect (unlike previous visitors), but he seemed to form a good initial relationship with the nation’s leaders. And although it is great that America is making allies in the region, a real relationship means that you can ask things of each other.
The MSM don’t like to advertise it much, but the House of Saud is a large sponsor of Mosques in the US. Some of the more stringent forms of Islam come out of Saudi Arabia (Whabbism in particular) and they tend to be propagated through these Mosques. People are asking if Donald Trump should use any influence he has with the Sauds to stop them building Mosques in the US, and try and stem the flow of radicalism. 
We need only look at the UK to see that although some terrorists come from abroad, using the migrant crisis as a way to infiltrate the West, many are “homegrown”. Political leaders are fond of saying that radicalization occurs online in chat-rooms, but this is disingenuous. For example: ask yourself how long have been using the internet, has anyone tried to radicalize you? Turn you into a Jihadi? Probably not. The truth is that you have to go looking for it.
Most radicalization happens in the Mosque and in the community (quite often through “community leaders”), and the more Whahabbist Mosques, the greater likelihood of radicalized youths. Should President Trump intercede?



This is truly amazing news, folks.

Our awesome President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump showed up in Saudi Arabia this week as part of their first foreign tour throughout the Middle East and Italy. Unlike Obama, President Trump didn’t bow to the Saudi King.

President Trump got a welcome fit for a King. When Trump and Melania showed up to the Palace look what came next.

President Donald Trump also just inked a huge $110 deal that is going to bring back a ton of jobs over the next 10 years.

“That was a tremendous day. Tremendous investments in the United States,” Trump said during a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. “Hundreds of billions of dollars of investments into the United States and jobs, jobs, jobs.”

President Trump finished up the day with this line.

God bless America. God bless President Trump for at least making other nations ATTEMPT to respect the raw, awesome might of America. Below is the picture that will clench it all.

The lame-stream media is trying to bring down the President of the United States. Pathetic, if you ask me.

I’m so proud of our President. I thought Saudi Arabia’s greeting was fabulous! President Trump has already done so much for us In the short time that he’s been our President. He’s working as hard as he can and he will address this and do more to tackle the other key issues on his agenda, just give him time. He fully opposes this horrible thing and we should be so thankful for that! If he only had more cooperation he would be able to get down to the issues at hand.

A tremendous day! President Trump even said it himself during his meeting with Mohammed bin Nayef, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Yes it was. The last deal he concluded made it even more tremendous! But hey, that’s President Trump. I expected nothing less. He takes care of his people, he is a true leader!

A foreign country is giving President Trump the respect he deserves, the respect many people in his own country won’t. What a disgrace. So proud of our president and his family. May God bless them.

If you watch this man work and see what keeps coming his way in the form of lies and obstruction, you know deep down that no man could keep going through the hell he has been through in just over 100 days, and remain in his position, steadfast and loyal to the American people, unless he has totally entrusted himself in GOD. And he has his whole family backing him.

For those two reasons alone (there are TONS more) he will always have my respect, and my vote.

H/T: Lady Liberty’s News

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