One of the greatest threats to democracy in America comes not from the outside, the Islamists, the Globalists et al, but from inside the very political establishment that is elected to serve us: Career politicians using their positions and influence to line their own pockets.

President Trump’s platform of draining the Washington Swamp resonated with so many voters because the corruption we see at every level of government is apparent to all and destroys the very fabric of the nation.

When we can no longer trust politicians to work in our interests (they are, after all, our employees), then the position they hold becomes a detriment to every citizen. And of course when those higher up in the political system are guilty of crimes and corruption, it filters down into every level, even to local Councillors.

The fact is, the longer someone is in office, the more corrupt they become. They begin to feel that they are owed something other than their salary, and they have had time to make the connections necessary to start taking advantage. This is why Presidents can only serve two terms. The question needs to be asked…Why shouldn’t all elected Representatives only be allowed to serve two terms, also? It would limit corruption, and allow fresh ideas to come through. It might even restore our faith in politics.

 CAUGHT! Liberal Leftist Democrat Senator Charged for WIRE FRAUD!

Democrats and corruption seem to be synonyms.

 The liberal left is bent on destroying America, and will stop at nothing, while attempting to make themselves rich in the process. Mostly illegally.
Democratic Maryland State Senator Nathaniel Thomas Oaks, age 70, of Baltimore, Maryland, was charged with honest services wire fraud for allegedly accepting illegal payments in exchange for using his official position or influence to benefit an individual on business-related matters.

The Justice Department reported:

The affidavit alleges that on September 21, 2015, a cooperating individual (the Cooperator) introduced Oaks to an FBI confidential human source (the CHS) who portrayed himself as an out-of-town businessperson interested in obtaining contracts in the City of Baltimore through a minority-owned business (the Company). The Company is a real business that is operated by a different cooperating defendant who is assisting the FBI with the investigation. The meeting took place at a restaurant in Pikesville, Maryland, and was consensually recorded by the Cooperator and the CHS. During the meeting, Oaks offered to assist the CHS with business development in Maryland.

During the months following the September 21, 2015 meeting between the CHS and Oaks, the CHS consensually recorded numerous telephone and in-person conversations with Oaks during which they discussed possible development and business-related opportunities that may be available to the CHS in Maryland. One such opportunity was a United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) project (the Project) that the CHS told Oaks that he was interested in developing in the City. Oaks told the CHS that he wanted to help with the HUD project.

According to the affidavit, on March 16, 2016, the CHS discussed paying Oaks for his assistance. The affidavit alleges that, in the Spring and Summer of 2016, Oaks knowingly sent two letters on his official Maryland House of Delegates letterhead supporting the Project. The letters allegedly contained false statements about Oaks’ relationship to the CHS and Oaks’ involvement and knowledge of the Project. The CHS paid Oaks $10,300 for his assistance.

Further, the affidavit alleges that September 22, 2016, the CHS made another $5,000 cash payment to Oaks in exchange for Oaks filing a bond bill with the Maryland Department of Legislative Services (DLS) requesting $250,000 for the Project, which Oaks filed later that same day. On November 21, 2016, the CHS received a forwarded email from Oaks that had been sent to Oaks by a DLS employee, attaching a draft of the bill to establish a $250,000 bond to be used for the Project.

If convicted, this scumbag Democrat faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for honest services wire fraud!

Corruption is rampant in the Democrat party. We see it at the local level and we see it from their presidential candidates.

When crooks like Hillary Clinton win the nomination for president, it sends a clear message to rank-and-file Democrats that their corruption is tolerable. But it’s anything but — it’s ruining our great country.

H/T: Lady Liberty’s News

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