Ash was still falling from the sky, obscuring the very sun from the smoldering wreckage of the World Trade Towers, when one man walked through the rubble.  He stopped, and saluted those brave men and women working in the shadow of death. It was there that he vowed to rebuild.

On September 13’th 2001, then business mogul Donald Trump did an interview focusing not on despair but the work that must be done for America to move forward. He said:

“It’s like a whole different city and world,” Trump said. “I cannot believe the sight of lower Manhattan without the World Trade Center. Therefore, we have to rebuild. Not necessarily in that form, but we have to rebuild. At least as good and maybe better.”

Trump would later submit a design for a structure similar to the World Trade Center that was passed over in favor of the current Freedom Tower.

H/T: Western Journalism

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