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CalExit: California AG Decides Secession Effort Can Officially Move Forward

It looks like CalExit is back on the table. State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra’s office has announced that a “California Autonomy from Federal Government” initiative is going ahead; meaning that they now have 180 days to gather almost 600,000 legal signatures. If they achieve this, CalExit can go on the 2018 ballot.

But here’s the issue. First, they have to gather almost 600,000 “valid” signatures. Does this mean that when gathering signatures, the petitioners will be inquiring about immigration status? And again, if this hits the ballot, what measures will California introduce to ensure that only US citizens are casting their votes?

If California is willing to check immigration status on this issue, we should really be asking why they are not willing to do this to preserve the electoral integrity of the voting system.

And if California can have a vote on whether or not to stay part of the Union, to apply the law equally, shouldn’t the other States have the right to vote on if they want California to stay or go?

The California Attorney General has sided with activists who want to allow Californians to secede from the United States by giving the OK for a petition drive to get the question placed on the ballot.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is allowing representatives of the CalExit movement to pass their petitions.

If the CalExit activists can get the 585,000 signatures required, the measure will be placed on an upcoming ballot for state residents to vote on whether they want to quit the U.S.A. and become their own nation… or whatever they are trying to do this time.

The move caused Daily Wire writer John Nolte to snark:

While the measure is unlikely to go anywhere and has already failed once, the good news is that through their hatred of President Trump, and everything he and his supporters stand for, the Left is finally grappling with the importance of states’ rights.

Indeed, this isn’t the first time the CalExit folks have tried to get this absurd measure on a ballot.

The L.A.Times notes that this newest effort is a watered down version of the previous effort:

The proposal, scaled back from an initially more aggressive version, would direct California’s governor to negotiate more autonomy from the federal government, including potentially putting forward a ballot measure to declare independence.

The initiative wouldn’t necessarily result in California exiting the country, but could allow the state to be a “fully functioning sovereign and autonomous nation” within the U.S.

Nolte was in high snark mode again on the topic saying:

This is usually where I mock Democrats for wanting to secede from the union again in order to again preserve what they have always seen as their right to cheap non-white labor (in this case all the exploited illegals from Mexico that save elite Californians a fortune in manual labor costs.)

Of course, we nearly fought one civil war in the late 1830s during the Nullification crisis when South Carolina decided that it could defacto separate from the Union by simply voting to nullify any federal law it didn’t like. Unsurprisingly, war hero and President Andrew Jackson disagreed, and dared the state to try it.

Then we fought an actual civil war in the 1860s when a group of southern states decided that they had enough of the Union and tried to create the Confederate States of America. That disaster killed over 650,000 Americans.

And even before those two the northeastern states almost voted to secede in 1814 by convening the Hartford Convention as the war of 1812 raged. The vote ultimately failed to move the states out of the union, though.

In all, every attempt to break the union has failed and even one of the writers of the Constitution, James Madison (often called “the father of the Constitution”), wrote against the idea that the states could leave the union. Madison essentially argued that one state did not have the power to leave the union and break up the country against the wishes of the majority.

In the end, it is highly unlikely that California will be leaving the union.

Granted, at this point, the majority of the country may not be all that upset to see California go away!

H/T: Young Conservatives



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