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CA House Representative Maxine Waters: ‘Americans Are Racist For Opposing Sharia Law’

Californian Representative Maxine Waters has officially gone off the deep end. Not only has she begun openly calling for elements of Sharia Law to be accepted into US Law, but she also states that if you oppose it, then you’re a “bigot”.

Let’s get a couple of things straight from the start; Sharia Law (and the courts that operate throughout the US and Europe in Muslim areas) is the most anti-woman legal system ever devised. It is brutal, demeaning and DOES NOT in any way mesh with the US Constitution. Here are some pointers on Sharia:

  • In Sharia courts, a woman’s testimony is worth half that of a man’s. Therefore, if a man beats or rapes a woman, unless there is another woman to witness it, then it didn’t happen. (and even then, the testimonies are only “equal”).
  • In Sharia courts, contracts to marry a child as young as nine to an old man can be drawn up and enforced. It is pedophilia and child rape under the guise of Law and Order.
  • Sharia courts decide on divorce cases: if the woman can have one (for men it is automatic), if she can see the children (for men it is automatic), and if she gets a share of the assets (for men it is automatic).

This is what Maxine Waters wants for your country. And if you don;t agree with her, well apparently you’re a bigot.

From: Jewsnews

I confess I’ve been called a bigot for lots of things simply because I have a Christian worldview. I’ve been called it by atheists, homosexuals and Islamists, but they always use that because they simply cannot defend their positions, and so, they resort to name calling. It shouldn’t surprise anyone then that socialist Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) spoke at an Islamic Society of Orange County town hall meeting on the issue of the Constitution and Sharia law.

Keep in mind that this town hall meeting took place in 2012, but her words are still relevant today because she and others like her continue to think like this. Also keep in mind that the Islamic Society of Orange County claims to be a “non-political organization.”

“Over the last year, and due to the focus of House Republicans on so-called ‘Muslim radicalization,’ we have seen politicians and pundits attacking the Islamic faith as a security threat to the United States,” she said. “Across the country, these people are exploiting fear and trying to convince state legislatures that the state adoption of Sharia tenants is the strategy extremists are using to transform the United States into an Islamic country.”



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