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BREAKING: Wikileaks Just Revealed Robert Muller’s True Identity & It’s WORSE Than Ever Imagined

Wikileaks has released a new document showing exactly what type of person Special Counsel Mueller really is. It details Mueller sending eight FBI against to Iceland with the intention of framing Julian Assange; and the Icelandic Minister who refused to go through with their plan.

In what world is it an FBI Director’s job to organize international sting operations? It seems that Mueller was far more than just a regular FBI Cheif; planning international operations that involve setting up foreign citizens is the job of Black Ops. And now he’s been tasked with investigating President Trump.

How can we really believe any of the “evidence” he produces? There are two bills on the floor to protect Robert Mueller from being fired (why?) but he should step down anyway. He has a clear conflict of interest with James Comey and this alone should disqualify him. He’s being protected, and he’s not the man he claims to be.

Ever since Robert Mueller was appointed special investigator of this ridiculous Trump-Russia “collusion” conspiracy theory, many have been asking “just who is this Muller person?”

Well, Julian Assange just issued an earth shattering tweet that shows Mueller is an expert at framing people, including Wikileaks, in order to meet a political agenda! (SEE TWEET BELOW)

This isn’t the first time Mueller has done this.  He also played an integral role in convincing the American people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction in order to get us involved in a war with Iraq.  Of course, as we all found out, that was a total lie.

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