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BREAKING: Trump’s $20 TRILLION Bombshell Rocks U.S. Economy…This Changes EVERYTHING!

Liberals claimed that Trump would destroy the US economy and sign legislation that benefited his business friends while pulling the rug out from under the middle class…so guess what? They were wrong. They were very wrong.

Donald Trump has done more in three months than Obama did in EIGHT YEARS.

He’s been doing everything in his power to “drain the swamp” in Washington. He’s signed executive orders to reduce the size of the federal government, start rebuilding our military, clear out unnecessary spending, protect life in the womb, end human trafficking, lower taxes, and reduce regulations.

He’s doing EVERYTHING he campaigned on. And since the election we’ve seen an economic boom like we haven’t seen in a LONG time. Companies like Apple, Ford, and Amazon are now bringing factories and jobs back into the country, producing thousands of jobs. The massive regulation cut is inspiring people to enter into business for themselves, and small businesses everywhere are already feeling a burden lightened off their shoulders.


Now our stock market is feeling the Trump Effect, and it’s EXPLODING like never before!!

From Reuters:

U.S. equity indexes hit record highs on Monday, with the benchmark S&P 500’s market value topping $20 trillion as investors bet tax cuts promised by President Donald Trump would boost the economy.

Trump vowed last Thursday to make a major tax announcement over the next few weeks, adding fuel to a rally that had stalled amid worries about the potential impact of his protectionist trade stance and a lack of clarity about other policy reforms.

The S&P 500 has surged about 9 percent since Trump’s Nov. 8 election, boosted by expectations he would lower corporate taxes, ease regulations governing banks and increase infrastructure spending.

Trump has also held high-profile meetings with senior executives from automakers and Silicon Valley technology companies.

According to Patriot Journal:

Even left-leaning companies are eager to meet with Trump and discuss the future. His promise to cut taxes and renegotiate trade deals are clear signs that American workers will be put first.

This kind of leadership will only help our economy. For years we’ve had presidents–both liberal and conservative–who for whatever reason put our people last.

They brokered terrible deals with foreign nations to give them our jobs, just so big businesses could save a little money.

The end result was a working class deprived of good jobs, a middle class floundering, and the pride of an entire nation diminished.

How long has it been since our products said “Made in the U.S.A.”?

Because of Trump’s aggressive goal of rebuilding our nation, we will be seeing more stories like this in the coming years. The left will try to ignore them, but the fact remains: Trump is putting America back to work.

Source: Reuters



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