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BREAKING: Trump Has Moved To CUT OFF Obama’s Favorite Terrorists…Liberals Are FURIOUS!

Israel has had an uphill battle from the very beginning. As soon as the United States acknowledged the existence of the Jewish state, every neighbor to Israel declared war on them to DESTROY the Jews once and for all. Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. The entire Muslim world united against “the little satan” as they call Israel to this day. (fun fact: they call us the “great satan”)

At the time, the leaders of the Muslim countries told all Muslims living in Israel to evacuate because the total annihilation of the Jews was near, and that they could return after Israel was reduced to rubble…by the providence of God, and the help of the United States military, that didn’t happen. Now, 70 years later, these “refugees” still exist. These people are who the Left call “Palestinians.”

The United Nations has used them in their agenda to destabilize the legitimate country of Israel. And Obama has been a major supporter of these “Palestinians,” which is why the relationship between the US and Israel has been strained under the Obama regime.

In fact, Obama pushed legislation through the Liberal Congress to FUND the “Palestinian State,” which really just put millions in the hands of terrorists and helped Arab princes build elaborate palaces while ignoring the poor among them. BILLIONS in US tax payer dollars were poured into this terrorist hotbed.

However, that’s all coming to and END under President Trump! It appears that The Donald is moving to DEFUND the “Palestinian Authority” because of their continued support of terrorism in the Middle East.

According to Patriot Journal:


The White House is signaling its support for a new congressional effort to cut all U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority due to its continued support of terrorism against Israelis and Americans, according to senior lawmakers and senior White House officials.

A senior White House official told that the Trump administration welcomes this effort and will sign it into law if it passes Congress. “The Palestinian Authority’s use of its resources to provide material support for terrorism is a grotesque example of how well-intentioned U.S. generosity can be turned against us. This legislation highlights practical steps the PA can take to demonstrate a real commitment to ending the vicious cycle of hatred and violence…”

[It’s] a vast departure from the Obama administration, which worked against similar efforts when in power.

This move is in line with Trump’s frequent expressions of support for Israel and his cordial post-election meeting with Israeli President Netanyahu.

It simply makes no sense to support Israel and its sworn enemies at the same time.

Once again, President Trump is demonstrating his determination to set the United States on a new course.

Source: Lowder With Crowder



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