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BREAKING!! Trump Just Got Justin Trudeau To Do Something For America Obama NEVER Could

Obama is gonna be FURIOUS after he sees what Trump just did!! He met with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau for the first time and managed to accomplish something Obama couldn’t DREAM of!!

President Trump has convinced Canada to renegotiate NAFTA to favor the United States!!

Justin Trudeau clearly sees how important it is for his country to have a strong trade deal with the United States, and doesn’t want to deal with the massive SMACKDOWN Trump gave Mexico when they complained about building the wall.

So Canada will support a new NAFTA to protect American jobs, and in exchange Trump made it clear the United States respects Canada as an important trading partner.


In addition, Trump got the Prime Minister to lay off insulting the immigration ban, saying:

“There have been times where we have differed in our approaches, and that’s always been done firmly and respectfully. The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves.”

What did I tell ya? You’d NEVER see Obama accomplishing something like this!! The future of America is bright, and it’s getting only brighter as each day goes by!! God bless America, and God bless President Trump! Please keep him in your prayers…he needs us know more than ever.

(H/T – Daily Mail)



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