BREAKING: Trump Just Gave The Order For The Complete ELIMINATION Of…

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The EPA grew completely out of control under President Obama and the long list of scandals and job killing regulations made it one of the most dangerous government agencies in the country.

That’s about to change under Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt.

In fact, the White House is already sending a clear message that the days of EPA lawlessness and unchecked growth are over.

Michael Bastasch has the latest…

From The Daily Caller:

The White House is pushing for significant cuts to EPA programs and staff levels, giving a glimpse of how the Trump administration plans on devolving more control to the states.

The budget plan sent from the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to EPA leadership calls for eliminating dozens of programs, including at least 16 that have to do with global warming and implementing former President Barack Obama’s climate agenda.

It was reported that EPA employees are distraught that Trump won the election.


It’s about time that the EPA got its credibility back.

Check out this great speech that Scott Pruitt delivered at CPAC.

It sums up his plan pretty well…

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