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BREAKING: Texas Passes Law, Permanently BANNING Sharia Law

Texas is once again setting the standard for the way this nation light to be behaving.

According to reports, the Texas Legislature has passed a law banning Muslims from attempting to institute their own sharia-based law in their communities.
WOAI State Sen. Donna Campbell does not specifically mention Islamic law in her bill, though the measure does guarantee that no laws from ‘foreign courts’ will be adopted by Texas civil court judges.

“It’s just to provide some belt and suspenders to make sure that, with judicial discretion, we don’t trump Texas law, American law, with a foreign law regarding family law,” Campbell commented.

Muslims groups have already attempted to block the measure, claiming that is an anti-Muslim ‘solution looking for a problem.’

What do you think? Do you support Texas taking preemptive action?

Via: American News



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