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BREAKING: Republicans Will Convene To Discuss Third Party Options To STOP TRUMP

From: Political Insider

You didn’t think the political establishment was going to let conservative businessman Donald J. Trump win the White House without a fight, did you?

A report just leaked that leading Republican and “conservative movement” activists will meet privately in Washington, D.C. to decide which candidate should run as a third-party candidate. They want someone who they believe to be a so-called “true conservative” challenger.

The organizers of the meeting include Bill Wichterman, who was President George W. Bush’s liaison to the conservative movement, Bob Fischer, a South Dakota businessman and longtime conservative convener, and Erick Erickson, the outspoken Trump opponent and conservative activist who founded

“Please join other conservative leaders to strategize how to defeat Donald Trump for the Republican nomination,” the three wrote in an invitation obtained by POLITICO that recently went out to conservative leaders, “and if he is the Republican nominee for president, to offer a true conservative candidate in the general election.”

Via Politico

The meeting is scheduled two days after today (Super Tuesday), when Trump is expected to win an unbeatable number of delegates for the convention.

Erickson promised to never support Trump under any circumstances, and it’s clear this group agrees.

Interestingly, the report hints their candidate of choice may be former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA):

Fischer, in 2012, helped bring together a group of more than 200 conservatives from across the country to unite around Rick Santorum’s candidacy. An event in Houston he put together raised $1.8 million in a day.

There is no explanation as to why the group would rather split the conservative vote and help Hillary Clinton win the White House.




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