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BREAKING: Obama to close Guantanamo Bay, transfer inmates to mainland US

Obama is finally fulfilling one of his main campaign promises, by announcing his plans for the closing of Guantanamo Bay. The 60 inmates, all of who are ranking leaders of terroristic groups, will be transferred to military bases in three US states. Sometimes it seems like Obama is intent on doing everything possible to hurt the country before he leaves. He’s trying to destroy one of our greatest resources in the war on terror. The incoming president in January needs to immediately rescind this if Obama get’s away with it….

From Fox News:

The Pentagon has recently tried to convince lawmakers to close the detention center with a draft plan to move nearly 60 detainees to a facility on the U.S. mainland that would cost as much as $475 million to build but could save roughly $180 million in annual operating costs.

The U.S. officials say the plan to be announced Tuesday considers 13 U.S. locations — seven prison facilities in Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas already proposed and six other locations on military bases.

They also say the plan doesn’t recommend a preferred site and that cost estimates are just a starting point for negotiations with Congress.

It’s unclear whether the plan addresses what to do with any top-members of the Islamic State terror groups if they have been captured on the battlefield.

According to the officials, the U.S. facilities would cost $265 million to $305 million to operate each year. The annual operating cost for Guantanamo is $445 million, but the officials said the Cuba detention center will need about $225 million in repairs and construction costs for continued use.



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