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BREAKING!! Obama Stole BILLIONS From American Taxpayers…And Wait Till You See What He Did With It!

Liberals believe that laws are more like guidelines. They only matter when they actually get CAUGHT breaking them.

For the better part of a CENTURY Liberals have been lying, taking bribes, and using their power in ways that are illegal. They only freak out when they accuse Conservatives of bending rules. Hillary Clinton, for example, has been using the Clinton Foundation to amass a fortune of MILLIONS of dollars…What else are they hiding? Everything they do is towards an agenda that focuses on gathering more and more power.

That’s why Liberals are LOSING their minds over Trump’s changes. He’s digging out corruption that has lain dormant for decades and bringing it into the light.

Don’t forget what the Left’s overall goal is. Teddy Roosevelt first attempted it with the “Society Of Nations” which failed and was later resurrected as the United Nations. Liberals are pusing for ONE world governement that controls all nations…including America. As such, your rights mean NOTHING to them.

According to Red White and Right:

A society free from the poverty-stricken (or at least free from the SIGHT of the poverty-stricken), a society free from people of color (particularly those who Margaret Sanger and the KKK wanted bred out of existence), a society where there was no Constitutional Right to anything.

But it’s all coming apart at the seams for one president who thought he could do whatever he wanted.


“This week, Congress turned attention toward a continuing Obama Administration policy wherein the Justice Department (DOJ) incentivizes corporate payments to left-wing activist groups like La Raza.

As President Donald Trump wages war against federal bureaucrats left over from the Obama Administration, lawmakers are taking aim at this practice — instituted by former Attorney General Eric Holder — which effectively funds progressive get-out-the-vote operations by shaking down financial institutions.

On Wednesday, Fox News named two Republicans who have submitted bills to eliminate this ‘shadowy DOJ slush fund‘ in both houses of Congress. Reporter Melissa Jacobs writes that ‘investigators have accounted for $3 billion paid‘ out through the practice:

While legislation sputtered last year, lawmakers have resurrected an effort to quash the practice with companion bills in the House and Senate.”

This is yet another example of the Liberals Gone Wild where there are literally hundreds of millions of dollars being diverted to Leftwing groups under the guise of social and racial inequality.

And it’s hardly the only example of former President Obama using BILLIONS of American dollars to suit his own needs. How much of YOUR money ended up overseas, funding God knows what?

Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were aware of this fund and advocated on its behalf by their silence on the issue. They should both be held accountable for this illegal felonious activity.

Source: Breitbart



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