BREAKING: Lou Dobbs is PI$$ED! Watch him make Obama PI$$ in his Pants! EPIC RANT of 2017! POW! - Freedom's Final Stand

BREAKING: Lou Dobbs is PI$$ED! Watch him make Obama PI$$ in his Pants! EPIC RANT of 2017! POW!

Lou Dobbs on Fox news has hit the nail on the head regarding the heinous Witch Hunt being perpetrated against Donald Trump; he launched into an angry spelling out of why there are masses of investigations taking place without any evidence at all being offered or discovered. He also reserves particular anger for the fact that there should be MANY MORE investigations into people like Loretta Lync, Hillary Clinton et al.

It is indicative of the times that the sheep are not questioning why no investigations are taking place into known criminal acts committed by members of the government, yet at the same time are happy to applaud one investigation into Trump after another. When will people wake up and realize that they are being played by a collusion of Big Business, Corrupt Politicians, and a complicit Media?

There are at least 6 investigations presently happening that are targeting President Trump, all have been running for more than 6 months and none have turned up a single piece of evidence….Yet we the taxpayer keep paying for these circuses.

If the Left are so determined to get Trump out of office, they should abandon their despicable policies and come up with some new ideas and a credible candidate. that is the way our system works. If they can’t manage that then they don’t deserve to be in power anyway. Their actions are similar to those of Stalin when trying to get rid of his political opponents.

No one in the media can call it right every time like Lou Dobbs can. If Trump supporters are thinking it, then Dobbs is articulating it for the world! He even gives us those great FOX Business “power point” charts as well. (VIDEO BELOW)

Tonight the whole “Trump Train” community is beyond disgusted at what is happening with Comey, Mueller and the “special prosecutor” Witch Hunt.  Once again, Dobbs breaks it down in a nutshell. (VIDEO BELOW)

Lou Dobbs: “In almost a year of investigations by the FBI and a half a year investigation by these two Intel committees in the House and Senate, all these investigations, in my opinion, mount to nothing more than a waste of time and money”  More of Dobbs’ transcript below)   (VIDEO BELOW)

BOOM! Let them have it Lou!

Lou Dobbs continued:

“If all of these investigations are such brilliant, brilliant responsible ideas, then let’s add a few more. Let’s investigate Attorney General Lynch, and Bill Clinton, and Comey. Let’s drive all the unresolved investigations of the entire eight years of the Obama administration to a conclusion. Obama’s NSA, Susan Rice, CIA director John Brennan, and role of Samantha Power in the unmasking of American citizens caught in illegal surveillance by the NSA and other agencies. Let’s have a damn investigation, it’s just the fair thing to do!

Do you think Robert Mueller needs to be fired immediately? SHARE this NOW if you do!

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Government Officials attacking the President of the United States, while they themselves think they are above the law?

H/T: Swamp Drain



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