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BREAKING: General McMaster Just Dropped BOMBSHELL Proves Trump Never Leaked to Russia

The Liberal Media are so desperate to remove Donald Trump from office that they have manufactured the entire story about Trump leaking Intel to the Russian visitors. It is nothing more than a continuation of the Russian hacking fairy tale that has been doing the rounds since before he became President.

General H R McMaster who was actually in the room during the Russian meeting stated clearly: “I was in the room. It didn’t happen. At no time were intel sources or methods discussed”. If we take that in conjunction with some other facts, it is very clear that this is quite simply being made up with the intention of deposing Trump.


  • The official records show that these things were not discussed.
  • The people in the room for the meeting have said all these things were not discussed.
  • No one else was present at the meeting.
  • The source is “anonymous” and will not be revealed.
  • Other than a story in the Washington POst, there is no other evidence.

The American people are being cheated out of their chosen President. This is a direct assault on the US Democratic process designed to hand power to the unelected to further an agenda that has not been presented to the electorate.

When Tyranny becomes government, when leaders are foisted upon us, the rallying cry for freedom must go out to every patriot.


Thank God for General McMaster. He just saved Trump from another made up scandal pushed by the mainstream media.

The Washington Post reported this morning that President Donald Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during his meeting last week while “bragging” about all the secrets he knows. Nope.

That’s right. We now have direct confirmation from McMaster, a man who was actually in the room with Donald Trump, that Trump leaked no HARMFUL classified info to the Russians

McMaster made the declaration to reporters,

“I was in the room. It didn’t happen….At no time were intel sources or methods discussed.”


Now, to anyone who has actually watched Donald Trump, it should come as no surprise that he is not half as dumb as the media pretends.

There is no way a man like him, who ran a huge business for decades, would divulge secrets like that.

So when are these “sources” or reporters gonna be held accountable for their BS? Honestly, they are using their position to deeply divide the American people on things that never happen.

That’s why it’s all up to people like you and me to help share stories like these out so everyone can see the truth. Clearly, we cannot count on the “old-media” to handle it. Let’s set the record straight!

H/T: Liberty Writers



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