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BREAKING: France’s Macron Just Issued THIS Massive Insult to US Citizens, What’s Your Response?

France’s new president, Emmanuel Macron has called upon ant-Trump Americans to “help make the planet Great Again”. Whilst this is clearly just a publicity hungry line, it does reflect a deeper issue with many of the World’s Globalist leaders: They feel that any person who is not on board with their Globalist aspirations is an enemy and that the democratic process does not apply to them.

In essence, he is calling for those that do not support the current President to undermine the government and circumvent laws that are put in place by this government. More than 60 million people voted for Donald Trump, and under US law he is the President, where does Macron get off trying to get people to stop the President from doing his job?

Macron does not represent the people, he is the Globalist puppet that the EU has put in place to further their agenda. He is supported by Germany’s Angela Merkel who has single handedly destroyed the safety and prosperity of Europe with her imposed “migrant crisis” (more than 97% of people entering Europe were not valid refugees according to her own figures).

Macron should take care of his own country before trying to control someone else’s. In Paris, 58% of women do not feel safe enough to go out in the streets without an escort! He should deal with that before anything else!

As a follower of Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron looks poised to further ruin France and Europe. A fake populist who has ties to some of the largest banks in the world, Macron is the typical stuffed-suit — a poseur, globalist shill, and a man who cannot stand the sight of true populism.

In the wake of President Trump’s decision to pull the U.S. out of the completely ineffective Paris Climate Agreement, Macron invited Americans to immigrate to France as an act of protest. Macron thought he’d be cute by telling anti-Trump Americans to help him “Make our planet great again,” via Washington Examiner.

This is nothing more than fashionable politics that signify nothing.

If nothing else, Macron’s taunts reveal how deeply unserious Western Europe’s politicians are.

Mr. Macron finds it easy to grandstand on climate change, yet his government still refuses to do anything about the persistent threat of Islamic terrorism.

Although, the French anti-terrorism establishment should be commended for their recent string of successes in combating terrorism.

On May 31st, six jihadis were arrested, including a former inmate at Guantanamo Bay, by French authorities. This surely prevented another massacre.

However, the very narrow path of anti-terrorism does not ultimately defeat terrorism. It is reactionary in the worst sense. Anti-terrorism measures only stop certain terror attacks from happening. A sound immigration policy that includes deporting French citizens with radical Islamic ties or views could stop them all from happening.

Mr. Macron has consistently asserted that he will do nothing to change the policies of past French leaders.

In the former French colony of Algeria, where ethnically French citizens were forced to flee Islamic terrorists in the 1950s and 1960s, the spineless “manlet” groveled to the crowd about the evils of French colonialism, and the rotten nature of French culture, via The Conversation.

Such troubling machismo, which infects Europe above all else, is almost guaranteed to cause more French Muslim youths to start attacking France, and French people.

Macron’s tough-guy stance on climate change fits in with others like Merkel. These European leaders shout about the dangers of climate change, yet assert that Islam does not have a terrorism problem.

Why do these leaders do this? Because as comfortable bourgeois globalists, they still see the the right-wing as their ultimate enemy. Climate change politics make the white working class poorer, while going soft on Islam helps the Left get more immigrant votes.

The Left truly believes that it can co-opt Islamism as a way to hurt right-wing voters, via Social Matter.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement



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