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BREAKING: “Child Sex Trafficking” Site Busted, Evidence Points Straight to DEMOCRATS

Did you hear about the Democrats that accepted money from a group that enables child prostitution? Of course you didn’t! That’s because the complicit media have decided that Democrats can do no wrong, even where child sexual exploitation is involved. In Colorado, the sickening compliance with child sex pimps deserves more coverage, and nationwide, people should know what kind of representative they get when they cast their ballot.

The story emerged as an Internet-based company, found itself in court for enabling pimps of children to ply their trade and helping them stay safe by screening their ads for anything that may get them caught. The four site owners and their wives donated the absolute maximum that they could to the Democrat Senate Victory Fund: $90,000. The money presumably came from their business.

So is accepting money that has been made by protecting and promoting peadophiles fair game in the Colorado political system? Apparently so. Despite calls from Conservatives that the Dems give the $90,000 to a (non-partisan) charity that fights child trafficking, it seems that they want to hang on to their dirty money. How many votes did that money translate into? How many people would have not voted Democrat if they’d known who they were accepting money from?

Is it a crime to benefit knowingly from child prostitution? If so, the Colorado Democrats should be in court. They have no legitimacy and no morals. By not giving away the money they are condoning societies greatest sickness. They should be ashamed of themselves. Is there anything Democrats won’t do to get power?

Nothing is off limits to the degenerate Dems and their sick perversions, not even innocent children.

Executives from the disturbing website are facing indictments for facilitating sex trafficking including child trafficking. All of the executives are top donors to the Democrat party of Colorado. (via WND) is the purveyor of the sleazy ads that appear in the back of news papers to advertise adult services. The executives of the website are currently being tried in front of a grand jury in Arizona.

The executives have been accused of knowingly accepting advertisements offering sex with minors.

The lawyer for two of the founders of the website acknowledges the guilt of his clients and in a recent court filing that stated that “indictments may issue anytime.”

The court heard how the website developed software that would systematically edit ads appearing in publications. They deleted keywords used in prostitution and child trafficking to “clean up” the ads before publication. would accept ads from child sex traffickers and would edit the ads for them removing terms such as, “barely legal,” “cheerleader,” and “Lolita.” These are all terms that denote child prostitute in the john community.

Four of the executives of the sex trafficking websites and their wives all donated the maximum amount to the Colorado Senate Victory Fund giving almost $90,000 between them.

This means that the Colorado Democrats accepted money from their largest donors who raised the funds by providing a platform for child and sex trafficking. The knowledge of this deal has caused conservatives in Colorado to demand the party donate the funds to a non-partisan charity to fight child trafficking.

It is unlikely that the Colorado Dems will return the $90,000. Local liberal newspapers are already defending the executives claiming they are not responsible for what third parties place on their website. The liberals take no issue with the website editing the ads to help child pimps slip under the radar of law enforcement.

The Colorado Democrats deserve to be investigated. Who knows how the $90,000 in donations would have affected their policy.

The fact that Democrats are comfortable accepting money raised on child prostitution is sickening, and very telling of the character of those in the party.

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