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BREAKING: Chelsea Clinton Gives Statement About Foundation Cargo Ships–Throws Her Parents Under the Bus

There have been a lot of stories relating to Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation recently, some seem more plausible than others. But there are rumours that this is all part of a larger game plan; one that will shock the world.

The most recent story involves news that cargo ships owned by the Clinton foundation have been tied to terrorism. And a letter sent out by Chelsea distances herself from her parents, Bill and Hilary stating that the board of directors is asking for their resignations. However, there is very little supporting evidence that any of this took place…and here’s why the story is doing the rounds.

The DNC and Globalists are trying to build up a portfolio of Fake News stories connected to Chelsea Clinton. The stories will all be easily disprovable and in some cases ridiculous (one last week talked about ties to Bin Laden and Stargate Command, the TV show). Then when they try to place her in a position of power, possibly as a Presidential candidate, they will roll out all of these fake News stories saying that the Right is trying to undermine her and have been for years.

It is the Left that is putting these stories out as a way to make Conservatives look bad. If you doubt it, think about why CNN and the rest of the MSM are not calling anyone on easily disprovable Fake News. If they just ran the story, it would do a little damage to the Conservative cause, but not much…But when they present it as a whole portfolio as she makes her run for office, it will discredit any real stories that could do her campaign harm.

They are playing the long game. Don’t let them control the narrative.

Chelsea Clinton has responded to the crisis facing the Clinton Foundation over seized and missing cargo ships tied to terrorism. It seems that the younger Clinton, not wanting to have her life turned upside-down like her parents, has decided to come clean.

In a statement released by the foundation’s public relations department, Chelsea said:

“I regret that the good name of the foundation I have worked my whole life to help build has been scarred by this tragic turn of events. The delivery systems in place are not owned and operated by the foundation itself but rather by a holding company owned exclusively by my parents, William and Hillary Clinton.

That company is soleley responsible for the hiring of the crews, maintenance of the ships and overseeing day to day operations, including any legal and ethical obigations. They are also responsible for the air transport division, which includes 14 renovated C-130 cargo planes and a fleet of 12 helicopters of different sizes and capabilities.

As of now the Clinton Foundation is discontinuing its relationship with the company and seeking alternative means of transporting charitable goods with an independent carrier. The foundation is also seeking the resignation from its board of William and Hillary Clinton.”

That right there is going to hurt the murderous Clintons in a big way. Their own daughter wants nothing to do with them. Maybe without a political career to consider or a foundation to corrupt, Hillary will finally be able to figure out what difference it makes.

H/T: USA Politics Today



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