BREAKING: Anti-Trump Protestors BLOCK AMBULANCE; Father Of 4 Year Old Girl Dies

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A tragic Facebook post tells the story of how a father of a 4-year-old girl died after anti-Trump protesters blocked roads and delayed an ambulance from reaching the hospital. 

“I have to unfacebook for a few days. I had a patient die during a transfer last night because our ambulance was stopped by protesters and had to drive an extra 45 minutes around the blocked roads,” the anonymous post reads.

“I can’t today. They can give their f**king safety pins to my patient’s fatherless 4 year old daughter,” the post concludes.


The “safety pins” references a movement started by anti Trump protestors to wear a safety pin to “show support for the vulnerable” and communicate their fear that Trump supporters, “may physically or emotionally abuse minorities, immigrants, women and members of the L.G.B.T. community.”

This report has yet to be verified, but it’s definitely believable given the fact that anti Trump protesters have blocked major roads all across the country, including the I-94 in Minneapolis, the I-5 in Portland, numerous freeways in Los Angeles, a major highway in Phoenix, and the I-95 in Miami.

It’s not impossible for an ambulance to have been caught in gridlock created by these protesters.

Further, when the Democratic National Committee sponsored a shut down in Chicago of Donald Trump’s rally, anti Trump protesters were seen blocking an ambulance on camera.

These protests in of themselves have suffered several injuries, including one member being hit by an extremely fast car in California.