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BREAKING: 6 Million Migrants About To Wake Up To NASTY Surprise From Trump – Riots Are Coming!

The US has around 6 million annual applications for migrants coming to the country. President Trump has twice tried to put a halt on the poorly vetted flow but has twice been defeated by the Liberal Elite using 9th Circuit Judges to stop his orders. But they’ve made a big mistake and underestimated Trump’s willingness to get things done.

The process of vetting is in place to ensure the safety of American citizens, and while the Left complains that it is Racist to vet people properly, it is rarely themselves in their gated estates that suffer the consequences. With the President looking at introducing a raft of requirements for applications, the Left may begin to wish they had let The Donald get on with his temporary travel order.

If they had let it go ahead, then a team of people (most likely made up of people from both sides of the House and independent experts), would have hammered out between them a list of vetting rules that would have helped the nation, whilst not being too strict with immigrants. But because they sought to circumvent the president’s authority, it is now looking like Trump will just use Executive Orders to put ew vetting in place…without their consultation.

Migrants could be asked to supply up to 5 years worth of email account information, social media handles, phone contacts, and a wealth of other information, to prove that they have not engaged in Extremist or terror-related activities. And while many may argue that the Migrants could just lie and not give real details, if they are later found to have lied to the government, it will be very easy to prosecute and deport them. Sounds like a good plan to me.


The good time for illegal Muslim migrants in America ended the second President Donald Trump took office. Although the changes have been swift and uncomfortable for them, our Commander-in-Chief recently stepped up his game plan and isn’t apologizing for getting America back on track no matter how many people rebuke and reverse his immigration orders. As it turns out, their defiant efforts were in vain after what he just did to “Trump” the left and hundreds of thousand of migrants looking to take their piece of the American pie. This is nothing short of brilliant.

Trump’s embattled immigration order has been defeated twice by liberal judges who the left got to fight for their cause at the risk of creating a civil war. This is caused by essentially creating their own government as if they are their own country and usurping our president to make their own rules. Every policy that President Donald Trump tries to implement is for Americans’ safety, such as common-sense moves like banning travel from terrorist-tied countries. This was only for a period of time to slow the flow of terrorists and refugees into the country, until a better vetting process could be put into place, allowing the “good guys” in and keeping all others out.

Liberals didn’t like that and decided to reverse it, turning the faucet back on for terrorists to flood our nation while laughing at our political correctness. However, the left’s biggest mistake wasn’t just going around our president, it was underestimating him. He just beat them at their own game for another victory over the ignorant left and millions of migrants who thought they were coming to overtake the nation with their ideals and leech off our welfare system.

When it comes to protecting Americans, Trump couldn’t care less about immigrants’ privacy as he just proved in a recent proposal as part of his promise of “extreme vetting.”

According to the IBTimes, “US could ask visa applicants to divulge 5 years of social media details, email IDs and phone numbers,” however it goes ever deeper than that. Knowing that a lot of immigrants likely have a lot to hide, Trump presumes that they’re guilty until proven innocent and wants to give them the chance to prove themselves on their immigrant and non-immigrant visa applications.

IBTimes explains what 6 million annual applicants could soon have to prove as part of their process of obtaining a visa.

“The US State Department could ask visa applicants more intrusive questions as part of Donald Trump administration’s push toward “extreme vetting” of immigrants and visitors that the president promised during his campaign. Under the proposal published Thursday in the Federal Register, some US visa applicants could be asked to list five years worth of social media handles, email addresses, and phone numbers.”

H/T: Freedom Daily



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