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Brave Ex-Muslim Woman Risks Her Life To Tell You Her Views on Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a public figure who talks about the problems with Islam. Many do this on a range of platforms, but what makes Hirsi Ali so brave, is that she used to be a Muslim, and because she left the religion, she is now considered an Apostate…And under Islam, this means the death penalty.

There are still countries in the modern world that punish Apostasy by death; and more that imprison those that choose to leave Islam. To speak out against the regressive and oppressive nature of hardline Islam, especially as a woman (due to the anti-feminist nature of Islam) is a sign of real courage.

What is sad is that the only support she really seems to get is from Conservatives. Islamic hardliners hate her, the Left hate her for exposing aspects of Islam that they would rather not be mentioned, and she is in danger every day of her life.

We should not only be learning from her, but we should be applauding her for her bravery. Well done Ayyan Hirsi Ali!

For so many of us we’ve been privileged enough to grow up in a world where our biggest problems in life had to do with some pre-judging on superficial issues. We probably can’t even wrap our brains around what it’s like to live in a place where mutilation against your will is a way of life.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali isn’t one of those people though. She’s been through more than many of us will understand in our lives, but she’s using that to help educate others about the truths of the world.

Ali recently went on the Rubin Report, to speak to Dave Rubin about the horrors if Islam, the left’s inability to call the ideology out on its injustices, and her own experiences in the religion.

Part 2:

Part 3:

You can continue on and say that you know more about Islam than someone who actually grew up in it, but hopefully, that’s not something that the logical among us will hold on to for long.

We may think we know what would happen when if our beautiful western world were taken over by a religion that is a killing machine fueled by hate, but this woman really does know. If she says that it isn’t for us, I think we should listen to her.

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