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BOOM!! German State Passes Law To FORCE ‘Dominant Culture’ On Muslims

Bavaria realizes that Germany has largely abandoned the country to this invasion of Muslims, so they’re looking out for themselves. German culture and Islamic culture DO NOT mix. They just don’t. How can you combine a culture that prides itself on art and law with one that despises art and rejects all law but their own?

This new law is a HUGE step in the right direction, and it’s one that Trump should consider introducing in our country.

According to Daily Caller:

The German state of Bavaria passed a new law Friday to force the local “dominant culture” on refugees.

The ruling Christian Social Union (CSU) argues the law is necessary after the massive influx of refugees during the last two years. Extra funding will go to schools and daycare centers where immigrants will be taught Bavarian culture and values.

“It prevents the emergence of parallel societies governed by Sharia, religious codes or tribal customs, instead of our laws and values,” Emilia Müller, Bavaria’s social security minister, said in the state parliament.

The opposition is concerned that “dominant culture” isn’t defined in the law, and that it will lead to social division rather than inclusion of refugees.

“Their law is nothing more than another dose of poison that leads to more hatred, more exclusion and more social division,” Green Party member Margarete Bause said.

The German government will spend 150 million euros ($161 million) on a voluntary return program for refugees. Germany has set a goal of deporting 100,000 people in 2017, and the new program is meant to give more people incentives to leave.

“We can offer education, training, jobs, and existential support,” German Development Minister Gerd Muller said Friday, according to Deutsche Welle. “The refugees won’t be returning as losers.”

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