BOOM!! Congress Has Some Bad News For Michelle Obama As She Leaves White House

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The American People are fed up with listening to Michelle Obama tell them that they shouldn’t be proud to be American, that their country has never been great. In addition to that, her school lunch program has been universally mocked, and now Congress is going to do something about it.

It’s going to be exciting to have Melania Trump as our First Lady! It’s time we have some class in the White House.

From Conservative Tribune:

When the new Congress meets with a Republican chief executive, no Obama regulation will remain untouched — and that even includes those that originated with Michelle.

According to Politico, the House Freedom Caucus, a powerful group of Republican lawmakers in the lower chamber, is urging Congress to end first lady Michelle Obama’s hated school lunch program.

A document released on the website of Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., called for the repeal of certain parts of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Of 2010, the legislative bill that helped enshrine Michelle Obama’s signature program into law. It’s part of a wider initiative called released under the title “First 100 Days: Rules, Regulations, and Executive Orders to Examine, Revoke and Issue.”

“The largest of the five school- and center-based programs, the National School Lunch Program, fed about 30 million children each school day in 2014 and cost $12.7 billion,” the report read. “The rules are hallmarks of the Obama administration, but kids aren’t eating the foods, industries can’t comply with the standards, and schools are wasting money.”



The reign of Obama is almost over. And with that, the prison gruel lunches are going out the door. It’s a good day to be a kid in America! You can finally eat REAL food in school!