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Black Lives Matter Went After A White Reporter…They Didn’t Know The Cameras Were LIVE!

The Black Lives Matter movement is a disgrace to the ideals of Democracy and equality. Not only have they actively called for the shooting of police officers, but also are creating racial tension where before there was none.

When a white reporter turned up to cover a BLM demonstration, the violence and vitriol that greeted him was truly disturbing. Do BLM only want black reporters to cover their protests? Do they only want people who believe in their cause to cover their events? And by the same logic, do they only want people who agree with them to hear their views?

If you are not willing to engage with the people who disagree with you, how are you ever going to achieve the change you want? The people who agree with you are already on your side, you need to convince OTHERS to get on-board.

By screaming racist epitaphs at white reporters, they are achieving nothing but hate! This movement is a racist disgrace that is taking airtime, funds and support from groups that are trying to actually do good.

Oh man. Black Lives Matter just keep digging themselves into a bigger and bigger hole. Every time these morons speak, what comes out is nothing but racism, inequality, and segregation. Thinking that this group helps this country’s racial divide is complete fantasy.

So imagine our surprise, or lack there of, when we spotted this video of a Fox News reporter being verbally, then physically assaulted when he went to cover a BLM rally.

Does this sound familiar? Sounds a lot like liberal protesters at Trump rallies doesn’t it? This is the side of the radical left that no one wants you to see.

Not representative of the BLM movement? Have you seen them protesting before ma’am? Did you know their actions and racial bigotry got five innocent police officers killed in Dallas?

You, ma’am, are an idiot.

These people are just making things worse. If you want true equality, work hard, get out of the thug and hood mindset, and stop blaming society for your problems. You were born in a country that allows you to do whatever you want and become anything you want.

If you want to be lazy and blame everyone else for your own problems, then nothing will ever happen and you’ll perpetuate the same garbage that’s been happening to you for decades.

H/T: Yes, I’m Right



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