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Awesome Sheriff Just Began PERFECT Plan To Rid U.S. Of Muslims After Bloodiest Ramadan In History

The end of this year’s Ramadan came with the highest blood toll in recent history; over the period, at least 1.600 people were killed in Islamic terrorist attacks (this does nor include the hundreds of attacks that did not result in deaths). And predictably, the MSM and the Left are following their usual lines in terms of how to deal with the problem.

We hear “Islam is a religion of peace”, we hear that “these are not real Muslims” and most saddening of all, we hear “terrorism is the price of living in a big city”. And the people are sick of it.

To console is not an adequate response, nether is calling for solidarity. An adequate response is one that measurably makes the citizens safer and more secure. If any solutions offered cannot give you that, then they are not real solutions. But there is at least one Sheriff who is looking to make us safer…Sheriff Grady Judd.

Sheriff Judd is a Florida Sheriff who sees to the heart of the matter and cuts away the PC BS. He says: “The armed assailant doesn’t plan on you fighting back. He plans on having a gun, doing all the shooting, and you’re just a sitting duck. Well, the ducks need to shoot back.” “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one,”  “And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot ’em a lot.”

He has called for all people to arm themselves and learn how to safely use a gun. Only then he feels will we put a stop to Islamic terrorism on US soil. And he’s right. The Pulse Nightclub shooter was allowed to freely wander around and kill 50 people; if some of the club goers had been licensed to carry, the toll would have been much lower.

Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan ended this past Saturday, where terrorists around the globe slaughtered an astounding 1,627 people in what is being dubbed the “bloodiest Islamic holy month in modern history.” As liberals continue to pander and kiss the asses of the very people who how vowed to eradicate us off planet earth, one badass sheriff in Florida has an epic plan to rid the world of Muslim terrorists, after going off-script during a televised interview, in a rant that predictably has liberals across America losing their minds.

Images of Ramadan 2017 that’s being dubbed the ‘bloodiest in modern history’

You can set your watch by it. Any time a terrorist goes on a massive killing spree, liberals come crawling out of the woodwork demanding more gun control, completely ignoring the fact that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Florida County Sheriff Grady Judd had finally had enough with the asinine arguments liberals continue to make about the Second Amendment in the wake of terror attacks, and during an interview, he told his citizens to not only arm themselves to take care of business, but “if you need to shoot somebody, shoot ’em a lot.”

“The armed assailant doesn’t plan on you fighting back,” Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk Country, Florida told WTVT. “He plans on having a gun, doing all the shooting, and you’re just a sitting duck. Well, the ducks need to shoot back.”

He called on all Americans to get a gun, and then learn how to be proficient with it saying, “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one,” he said. “And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot ’em a lot.”

Knowing full-well that Christians are the main target of rabid Muslims, Sheriff Judd is now spear-heading a program that will train staffers at the local private Christian Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, how to defend themselves should the need arise, realizing that Americans are truly the last line of defense when it comes to protecting America from terrorists.

What’s awesome is that even though there’s a law that prohibits students and faculty from carrying weapons on campus, Judd has found a loophole in the law that will allow them to discharge their weapons in the event that there’s an active shooter on campus. Conservative Daily Post reported:

“Judd’s Sentinel program gives participants 100 hours of firearm safety and proficiency training so that they are prepared for the worst. This program requires 25% more instruction that police officers in the state of Florida. In addition, the program will have participants undergo 32 hours of deadly force training.”

“The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is a paramount concern for us at Southeastern University,” said Kent Ingle, president of Southeastern on the school’s website.  “We are excited about this new program that will result in well-trained staff being available on campus to rapidly respond to any active assailant threat. We are committed to providing the safest learning environment possible for our university community.”

Sheriff Judd isn’t the only sheriff that’s taken a stand against Muslims in recent months. Texas Sheriff Tracy Murphree recently blew up the internet with his tirade about Muslims, where he’s ramping up Texans’ fight against terrorists even more. Here’s part of his rant that made liberals completely lose their minds following a bloody month of Ramadan:

“This is what happens when you disarm your citizens,” Sheriff Tracy Murphree stated. “When you open your borders without the proper vetting. When you allow political correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you. When you allow these radicals to travel to Afghanistan and Iran and simply let them back in.”

Despite liberals’ constant love affair with Muslim terrorists and their incessant attack on our Second Amendment rights, it’s great to know that we have patriots out there in the form of great sheriffs that truly have the backs of all Americans. Americans will never be slaves to Islam, and if these barbarians truly think they can take down America by pulling the same BS that they’re pulling in Europe, they have another thing coming. Daily, more and more Americans are becoming more proficient with the use of firearms, and I guarantee most patriots around our country wouldn’t hesitate to blow one of these morons straight to “paradise” should the need arise!


H/T: Freedom Daily



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