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American Town ENTIRELY Under Sharia Law…THIS MUST STOP! [Watch]

Immigration in the United States used to be one of its proudest achievements. People from all different nations came together to share in common goals and values that was best typified by the term” the American Dream”. First generation immigrants would embrace not only their local communities (that often had a similar cultural heritage) but also look to the wider America where dreams are made and social mobility was available to all. But this dream has died. And the future for some states and people is looking very bleak indeed.

Dearborn, Michigan is in the process of surreptitiously enacting parts of Sharia law through the city council. The council which is the first in the US that is Muslim majority are looking the other way when it comes to aspects of Islam that are in contradiction to the US constitution.

What was once a burgeoning business town has changed. And it’s not for the better. When integration fails to take place, the area stops being part of what used to be called the “Great Melting pot” (and more recently “The Stew”), and becomes ruled by new ideals.

Islamic doctrine is oppressive and very much against the beliefs that all are created equal. Look around the world at literally every nation that is ruled under Sharia law, and ask yourself if this is the face of the “New America”.

According to ADP:

A drive through the town shows signs and stores’ names written in Arabic, sometimes with no English translation even provided.

One man reportedly said that those businesses used to be owned by Americans.

He claimed that Muslim business leaders bought them, then raised the rent so high that most of the businesses closed.

They were then replaced by Muslim-owned businesses.

He also claimed to have personally witnessed many women wearing Muslim clothing driving expensive cars and living in homes worth hundreds of thousands of dollars all while receiving food stamps and Medicaid benefits.

CBS Detroit reported that nearby Hamtramck does have a majority Muslim City Council – the first in the country.”

While residents of Dearborn reportedly fear the changes that have come to their community and what it means for their future, liberal media outlets are praising it.

The Huffington Post even ran an article praising the city and stating that more cities should emulate Dearborn.

The truth is that we must welcome immigrants, but we must also remain true to ourselves and to our heritage.

Source: Mad Patriots



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