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ALERT: Trump Announces CATASTROPHIC Move Against Muslim Rapists In America

The first duty of government is to protect its citizens. If it fails in this, it has no place actually being government. Over the last 8 years, criminal migrants with no (or little) legal right to be in the US have been released from prisons back onto the streets to commit more crimes. With almost no solid research being done on illegal migrant recidivism rates, this is a gross neglect of the welfare of the American people.

In the last two years of Obama’s presidency, only 170 Somalians who had committed crimes (or had asylum applications rejected) were deported. Trump in coordination with AG Sessions has given the go ahead for up to 4000 to begin the process of deportation. These are not regular migrants that are being deported despite what the MSM frame it as. These are people who have either committed a serious crime in the US (murder, rape, assault etc…) or have been rejected in their asylum application (reasons for asylum rejection usually include false information or ties to extremist movements, most genuine asylum claims are processed with almost no difficulty).

Hopefully these days are at an end. With President Trump giving the go-ahead for ICE to begin tracking and deporting illegal migrants with criminal records, we can be fairly certain of at least one result: less crime. And those in the MSM may argue that it is a negligible amount when compared to the overall amount of crime in society, but THIS is actionable. It is something that we can with reasonable confidence assume will have an impact on crime rates.

What’s more, the people being deported will no longer be in the belabored communities that have had to live with this permissive and pervasive attitude to rapists and murderers. Once criminals start being deported from these (mostly migrant) communities, they will begin to grown in economic prosperity and educational attainment. By deporting illegal criminals, Trump is giving legal migrants the opportunity to thrive and create a real future in the US.

According to Freedom Daily:

Barrack Obama has done little in the way of competently exerting power over these dangerous thugs. He’s laid out a welcome mat in front of America for some of the most dangerous criminals. A president who is loyal to the needs of his people does not put his country at risk like that.

Fortunately, Donald Trump does not enjoy putting Americans in blatant danger. He’s enforcing the fact that a stricter vetting system is imperative to the nation’s security.

Do you think President Trump should ban Muslims from immigrating here? Let America know.

Trump is signifying that it’s not wrong or culturally insensitive to deport people who are engaging in abhorrent activity. Through this, he’s preserving the integrity of what it means to be an American citizen.

It’s not America that has the problem, it’s the followers of Sharia Law from the Middle East.

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