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ALERT: Obama signs new executive order, and this one is BIG

President Obama continues his trend of pseudo legislating through executive orders today by exacting sweeping cybersecurity reform…without Congress. These orders create a “Cyber Czar” and a “Federal Privacy Council.”

The full list of orders are below, as reported by: The Blaze.

President Barack Obama is asking Congress to devote $19 billion to cybersecurity and is issuing new executive orders geared at the protection of both government and private computer networks.

In one executive order, Obama directed agencies to implement the Cybersecurity National Action Plan. The CNAP is the broad plan that includes establishing the office of a federal chief information security officer, making budget requests and focusing on training opportunities. The federal chief information security officer marks the first time a senior official will be dedicated solely to developing, managing and coordinating the government’s cybersecurity strategy across multiple agencies, a “cyber czar” of sorts.

A separate executive order will create the Federal Privacy Council, which is a multi-agency task force charged with coming up with policies to help the government fight hackers or identity thieves, while also protecting the privacy of individuals. The privacy council will report directly to the president.

“One of the biggest gaps between the public sector and the private sector is in our IT space and it makes everybody’s information vulnerable. Our Social Security system still runs on a platform that dates back to the ’60s,” Obama said. “Our IRS systems are archaic. As with a whole host of other agencies that are consistently collecting data on every American. If we are really going to secure those in a serious way then we need to upgrade them. That is something we should all be able to agree on. This shouldn’t be an ideological issue.”

The order includes the following steps:

establishes a government commission on enhancing national security;

modernize the federal government’s information technology systems; this would complement a $3.1 billion budget request for the IT modernization fund;

and working with technology companies such as Google and Facebook for a national cybersecurity awareness campaign.

So now the federal government is to be given the responsibility of securing private data. Sounds similar to something the NSA tried a couple years back. The government has no business dealing with the private sector’s sensitive data. This is simply one more FDR like move, giving vague long reaching powers to a bureaucracy that has no one to answer to. Congress needs to take control, or they will lose what little power they have.



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