ALERT: Obama Just BETRAYED America! Look at The DISGUSTING Deal He Made With Our Biggest Enemy

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So not long ago, Obama paid a ransom of $400 million in a ransom to Iran. It drew MAJOR criticism at the time, with even Obama’s Press Secretary admitting that it might be used to FUND TERROR!

This was unacceptable and enough money to EASILY boost their nuclear weapon program. New reports are coming in, though, and it’s WAY worse than we thought.

Turns out, it was WAY MORE than 400 million!! Wait till you see how much Obama ACTUALLY gave to the terrorist state of Iran. It’s DISGUSTING!!

According to The Blaze, the Obama Administration reportedly allowed sanctions relief that added up to $10 BILLION in cash and gold that can be sent to Iran as part of that deal.

Have you seen how much 10 billion in cash would look like? No? Well this will give you an idea.


Can you imagine how much good could be done for our country with that much money? We could take care of our vets, improve infrastructure, feed the homeless, upgrade our military. But no, instead it’s being used to build up a country that has called for our destruction and wants nuclear weapons. This after giving them permission to monitor their nuclear program on their own to make sure nukes aren’t being built.

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