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ALERT! Deadly Virus Sweeping The Nation, It’s already in 10 states and Not Curable

A Deadly Virus is sweeping across the United States. So far 10 states have reported that they have victims, and it is likely to spread further. Powassan Virus is spread by the same type of tick that is known to carry Lyme Disease…But POssowan has NO KNOWN CURE!

Powossan is very dangerous:  “It can cause meningitis, which is an infection of the brain, it can cause encephalitis, which is a swelling of the brain, and it’s often associated with a fever, or vomiting, weakness.” Yet many states have not started testing for it. 

If a virus is not curable, the likelihood of an outbreak becomes far more serious. It is important that ALL of us are taking adequate precautions. Avoid areas where ticks are rife, keep your skin covered with long pants and sleeves, and most importantly, if you find a tick on you, remove the WHOLE Tick with tweezers and take it to your local medical center.

Other diseases are making a comeback in the United States. TB is now rife within certain communities. A clear response to these dangers is needed from the government.


Doctors across the U.S. are issuing warnings about a new and potentially deadly tick-borne illness spreading across the country like wildfire. (SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO)

KGW reported that the disease is called the Powassan virus, and it’s spread by the same tick that carries Lyme disease. Doctors have warned anyone who plans to spend time outside this summer to take notice of this potentially deadly illness.

The Georgia Department of Health stated that though no cases of Powassan virus have been reported yet, that’s likely to change very soon.

“We haven’t seen Powassan yet, but to be completely honest, we haven’t been testing for Powassan,” Dr. Taz Bhatia said.  “So now that it’s on our radar, if it matches to those symptoms of fever, vomiting, weakness, we’ll be looking for it and testing for it, and seeing what we can do.”

“Powassan virus might be a more serious, more deadly version of Lyme disease,” Bhatia added.

There is no cure for the Powassan virus.

“If you see a tick on you, you can use very thin tweezers to remove the tick in its entirety, the whole tick, and then save it in a plastic bag,” Bhatia said.

The doctor went on to say that these are three things you can do to protect yourself from this virus when going outside:

1) wear insect repellent, particularly a brand that has the chemical picaridin in it.
2) wear long sleeves and pants
3) avoid areas entirely that have heavy brush or long, unkempt grass – that’s where you’re most likely to get bit.

H/T: Conservative Post



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