A Social Justice Activist has been brutally honest about what she wants to happen with the gun laws in the US. Zinnia Jones says that government agents should literally go door to door and take the guns from people against their will; she thinks that people won’t really object.

Her idea is not an uncommon one, but she has at least had enough courage to come out and say it. Unfortunately, the smartness of her ideas does not match her courage.

Jones doesn’t really understand the point of the 2nd Amendment. It is in place to quite literally stop the very thing that she is suggesting. Government agents going into honest, law-abiding citizen’s homes and seizing their property against their will is tyranny…and tyranny was behind the idea of the 2nd Amendment.

If the Left learned how to actually think properly, we might really be in trouble.

Democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists all have one agenda in mind when it comes to gun control and that’s to completely disarm the American people. However, the vast majority of them refuse to admit it and claim gun control is necessary to reduce gun violence and accidental shootings.

We all know that stricter gun control leads to more gun violence as citizens are left defenseless and at the mercy of criminals who obtain their guns illegally anyway.

At least one activist is honest about his/her agenda. This activist, Zinnia Jones is not only a progressive, but also a transgender and social justice activist. Don’t forget that social justice is the politically correct term for socialism, although many people don’t know it. Jones is advocating that government agents just go door-to-door and take everyone’s guns away from them.

Zinnia Jones is a progressive, trans, social justice activist and clearly insane person.

She posted something about gun control on her twitter, which I had to get the long way around because she doesn’t post publicly.

“My thoughts on gun control: Honestly just go grab all the guns. There’s fewer people willing to open fire on government agents than you think.”

“You could go door to door and take all the guns and it’d probably be surprisingly uneventful.” …

I seriously doubt that total gun confiscation would be as easy or uneventful as Jones believes it would be. Many of us know gun owners who will not willingly turn over their guns without a fight, and that’s what has stopped Democrats like Obama and Clinton from already doing it. If it was as easy as Jones claims, them America would already be disarmed.

H/T: Keep and Bear




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